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Hey, what's up! 
I like working on a variety of things and a variety of roles. Be nimble to what happens with the client the culture and new things. Be comfortable starting from nothing. The idea is you’re in it. Maybe discovering new skills and generating fresh ideas.
I thrive helping my peers while staying true to the spirit of my team and getting involved in all sorts of creative endeavors that are strategic focused. It’s my pleasure to consistently inspire the design team to make exceptional, thought provoking work. I am the brand guardian of your design system. I push, pull and systemize elements in order to stay ahead of the fashion curve.
What I strive for is a healthy work life balance, to bring passion, positivity, and inspiration to the people I collaborate with. I love to understand and demonstrate how their work impacts the success of the business we’re all designing for.
Anyhow, I'd love to talk to you. Use your favorite communications device to contact me:
cabayle (at) or wait three days then look to the east. There you will find me.
healthcare, non-profit, transportation, shipping, financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications, business services, consumer products
interactive, identity, presentation, print (advertising, collateral, stationary, signage, presentations), experience strategy & design, digital marketing, creative leadership, digital product design, user experience, information architecture
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