NBA Design System
The vision for the NBA Design System is to accommodate the future of NBA Digital through the lens of our business pillars — acquisition, engagement, and growth. In tandem with the design system, we aimed to create a more streamlined and transparent flow throughout and connected devices. The intent was to keep everything simple while also supporting the team in all projects regarding visual design.​​​​​​​
Product Design Lead: connected devices and responsive web, Strategy, UX
We started with a thorough restructuring of the content through a site audit (and by project) that helped us redesign sections with the user as the main focus, instead of the networks and committees.
This design system gave us the opportunity to rethink every interaction and hierarchy.
We held working sessions to narrow and define the ultimate goals of the design system project: 
Our goal was to empower our subscribers with the ability to manage their subscriptions and payment methods ultimately reducing touch points to customer service, and to be transparent with our users by being clear and consistent throughout NBA ecosystem.
The Value of a Design System
For Designers
Efficiency, less decisions to make while maintaining a quality rhythm between your elements.
For Teams
An easy system of communication between designers and developers (no fussing over pixels). A developer can easily eyeball an 8pt increment instead of having to measure each time.
For Users
Consistent aesthetic to the brand they love. No blurry half-pixels on their preferred device.

Beyond Intuition
Where in consumer-grade design you often have the luxury of relying on your intuition, that’s generally not how it works with enterprise. You’re working on creating interactions for people doing a very specific set of tasks that likely have nothing to do with what you do. You are rarely the typical user. And that means having to rely on a rigorous process of research, unearthing insights, iterating and developing intricate experiences.
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