Dragon Army
I worked with Dragon Army to help bring their brand to life through visual design and storytelling.  Dragon Army has  purpose, vision, tenets and values. What they needed was a cohesive brand and voice that exemplified their roots: video games and mobile applications. Bringing their vision to life comes from collaboration, communication and unbridled creativity.
creative direction, design, illustration, copywriting, strategy
Dragon Army's purpose is to inspire happiness through positive relationships, impactful work, and doing good.
Our Vision is to be sought-after by the world’s best companies for our creative problem solving. 
We will accomplish our Vision by: attracting and retaining exceptional people; Building remarkable products and experiences; Striving for operational excellence 
• Team First
• Think Positively
• Celebrate Diversity
• Do Good
• Have Fun
Who we are
We are Dragons. Inspiring happiness is our purpose and we put it at the core of everything we do.  We don’t just say team first, we are team first. Creating, innovating and problem solving are what     we do best.

Our voice
The dragon’s voice is your voice. It’s familiar and welcoming. We help navigate new technologies and energize our clients with fresh ideas by educating in a clear and simple manner. We understand how new technologies and culture enable people to flourish.
Battle-tested and ready. 
Positive and upbeat.
Humble generosity.
Cooly offbeat.
Smart but not cocky.

Our tone
Our tone is empathetic and friendly. When writing, it helps to know the context of the reader:
New client presentation: upbeat and positive
For fresh hires: cheerful and encouraging
For emergencies: concise, precise and careful​​​​​​​
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